I hear this over and over again, “I am so busy over the holidays that I just cannot think about my wedding right now.” But you should and here is why.

Over the holidays we are all thinking about our family and friends. We are making a list and checking it twice. Not the list of gifts that we want but the list of people that are important enough to us and that we would like to show that we love over the holidays.

Each holiday season I go over my contact lists, update emails, addresses and phone numbers. I do this because I want to send out cards telling my family and friends what has been happening in my life. I am not alone in this. My mother does this, my in-laws do this and my friends do this. Most of us do. And so during the holiday season everyone has that list in front of them. Whether in their minds or on paper.

That is why the holiday is a great time to think about your wedding guest list. Those are the people that you are going to want to invite to your wedding. They are the people that your mother and father are going to want to invite and they are the people that your in-laws are going to want to invite. All you need to do is ask for that list during or shortly after the holidays. Everybody has it right at hand, they have already put the time and effort into thinking about those people and so it will be very easy to come up with a comprehensive list of all the possible people that you might want to invite to your wedding.

Generally speaking if you are not interested in sending a person a card at Christmas or giving them a gift you probably will you thinking about inviting them to wedding.

Another thing that happens during the holidays is that you, your soon to be spouse, your parents and your in-laws parents are all receiving Christmas cards from persons who consider you important to them. On those cards there are return addresses. The most current return address. This is the time to capture those addresses. You do not have to write them down over the holidays. Just keep the ones that you want to invite to your wedding. Throw the other envelopes away if you like. But keep the ones that you want to invite to your wedding. Ask your parents to do the same. At the end of the holidays you will have a stack of envelopes with all the right addresses on. You can then go through them and be sure that you have the most accurate addresses possible when do you send out your save the date or invitation cards.

So send out an email or call your mother, father and in-laws and ask them to make 2 copies of their Christmas card and gift list. . Do the same for yourself. And save those envelopes! Then in January go through that list and check the people that you want to invite to the various events of your wedding. You will have their most current addresses, emails and phone numbers by then.

How do I know this? Because if someone’s address was wrong, the Christmas card you sent them will come back. Just tell your parents and in-laws to keep those cards too so you can track down the right address if you want to invite those persons to your wedding.

A little planning and prep can go a long way in saving you time and energy as you plan your wedding.

I have been working with couples planning their weddings for years and every single one of them needed a wedding planner. But not all of them could afford a professional. To help those brides plan their dream wedding I have created the virtual wedding planner. I send this out to all the couples who are getting married On Sunny Slope Farm. But I thought, “This could be helpful to all those couples out there who are planning a wedding anywhere. Why not share the love?” And so that is what I am wanting to do.

The virtual wedding planner is an email list that sends out timeline based emails that keep couples on track for planning an awesome wedding. There are of course many timelines available that you can download. But unless you keep going back to them you might miss something. Personally, I like reminders. The virtual wedding planner will send you an email at just the right time up to the day of your wedding. You will get an email after your wedding reminding you of a few follow-up things. All you need to do is tell the virtual wedding planner the date of your wedding.

The virtual wedding planner is free and you can unsubscribe at any time. So give it a try. Here is how:

  1. Sign up for the Virtual Wedding Planner using the submission form.
  2. Confirm your subscription when you get the email confirmation.
  3. You will receive your 1st email from the virtual wedding planner with in an hour. If you do not please check your junk mail and make sure that the address of the virtual wedding planner is approved.
  4. Then just follow along. When you get an email think about the things on the list, consider the suggestions and follow the links to the stuff that can be helpful to you.
  5. When you do not want to receive the emails anymore just unsubscribe.