Announcing our 2015 prices and preseason discount

The calls are beginning to roll in is newly engaged couples start planning for their 2015 spring, summer or fall weddings. With 2014 being our 1st full season I was caught a little bit offguard by the volume of persons asking for our 2015 prices. So I have been scurrying around trying to come up with a reasonable price for 2015 weddings On Sunny Slope Farm.

After thinking about all the upgrades in facilities and services that I will be offering in 2015, I am happy to announce our 2015 prices and a preseason discount for any booking of a 2015 wedding before April 30, 2014.

There is a slight increase in price due to the improvements and added services that I will be offering in 2015.

  • I will have added enough tables and chairs to comfortably host 250 people under our 4800 ft.² event tent.
  • I will have completed building the bathhouse that will have male and female handicapped accessible bathrooms (the ladies will have four stalls and two sinks).
  • Along with the linen tablecloths I will be offering linen napkins to match for up to 250 guests.
  • I will be upgrading the road by making it wider and straighter so that traffic flows easier.
  • I will be installing a light commercial entrance so that coming into and out of the farm is safer for all.
  • And since I have a year to think about it, I will probably be doing some other things too that will improve your experience as you celebrate your family and friends.

I hope that everyone choosing On Sunny Slope Farm will feel that what I offer as an outdoor special events venue is still a great value the price.

For those of you who were hoping to have your 2015 wedding On Sunny Slope Farm and were planning on the prices staying the same I would like to extend an offer to you. If you book your 2015 wedding by April 30, 2014 I will honor my 2014 season prices. This is a $550 savings over what you will pay starting May 1, 2014.

So, if you want all the added facilities and services of the 2015 event season at about a 17% discount then schedule a tour of On Sunny Slope Farm soon.