Julie + C.J. Wedding On Sunny Slope Farm

by Gonzalez J. Photography & Design Studio

Married On Sunny Slope Farm: 05/20/2017 4:30 PM

Reception: 5/20/2017 6:00 PM

About Julie: I am the Corporate Marketing Coordinator at an International Managed Security Company. When I’m not working, I like to work out, play/watch sports -favs being baseball (Orioles!) and football (Packers!) -, traveling and hanging out with friends and family.

About C.J.: C.J. is a hardworking police officer in Alexandria, VA who loves getting his hands dirty and working on home projects.

You as a couple (what makes you as a couple unique in your coupledom?): We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs but there is no one we would rather end the day with then each other. We have to compromise a lot with CJ’s police work schedule and find creative ways to spend time together.

Your love story (how did you meet, fall in love and decide to get married?): This is what we wrote on our wedding website – There was a boy who was working as a part time bouncer. There was a girl who he met that was making a softball team and wanted more players. The two struck up an exciting friendship. One night while he was cleaning up at closing, she asked him if he would like to join her and her friends for a bite to eat (if you ask him it was because she saw his cute butt. If you ask her it was because she just wanted him to pay for the meal). After eating the two spent the rest of the night talking and laughing and the rest is history…

Inspiration (Share what inspired your dream wedding): We are simple people who just want to have as much fun as possible so we wanted our wedding to be the same. A simple, beautiful place where we hang out with our favorite people and have the best day of our lives!

Where would you like your ceremony to be? Catalpa Trees

If you plan on decorating the trees, arbor, lawns or chairs please describe briefly what you are imagining. For the arbor, our florist (Honey Bee’s) is creating a piece to place on it. We also plan to decorate the aisle with chalkboards leaning on the end chairs

What’s next for you as a couple after your wedding (new home? Children? Just enjoying each other?) Honeymoon and new home!

Wedding Vendors:

Accommodations: Marriott Courtyard Harrisonburg



Bridal Attire: Jeanette’s



Wedding Coordinator:

Caterer: Hanks BBQ


DJ: RES Entertainment

Florist: Honey Bee’s

Hair And Makeup: Iva Bella Salon




Photographer: Gonzalez J. Photography & Design Studio

Photo Booth:

Rings And Jewelry:

Sound And Lighting:



Other Vendors: