Rainy Weather Ceremony Setup

This couple had a great idea on how to make their rainy wedding day sunny! By putting the sides on the tent they cut back on the rain and wind. Then they moved the ceremony inside.  They moved some of the tables to the side in an elegant fashion and set up the chairs facing one of the corners of the tent.  They were able to seat about 180 people very comfortably.  They took the red carpet and moved that inside the tent. Then the wedding party entered from the other end.

Everyone stayed dry, the bride and her bridal party got their walk down the red carpet and mom and dad were happy.  After the service everyone carried the chairs to the tables, we set things up again and had a great reception.

So don’t worry about a rainy day if you are having your wedding outside under a tent.   There are ways to make any day sunny.

Besides, it is the bride who lights up the day not the weather!