Hampton Inn Shuttle

Shuttle Service Exclusive

With Hampton Inn-University includes direct shuttle service to/from On Sunny Slope Farm!

On Sunny Slope Farm has negotiated an exclusive package deal for the family and friends of wedding couples getting married On Sunny Slope Farm.  This offer is unique in the Valley! No other venue but On Sunny Slope can offer it. And Hampton Inn are the only hotel that offers a shuttle service that we know of. So this is a pretty incredible deal.


Why this is good for you

We are confident that by offering a wedding package from Hampton Inn and On Sunny Slope Farm that includes additional amenities and services for our brides and grooms that we will save them time and money while allowing us to provide a more memorable special occasion. The additional amenities we can and are offering can be channeled directly into creating a more affordable opportunity for families hosting these special events.

Another big advantage of working in a partnership is building on our collective knowledge of how to make special events stress free and enjoyable for all our guests. Together we can pool our resources to save time and reach more brides while making an impact in the process.