The Experience

The calm is transfixing. Crickets echo across slopes of green. The gentle rays of the sun warm the air. A cool, soft breeze billows white fabric and rustles white rose petals. White chairs, white linens, white plates, white flowers… and a white dress, all beckon one of the most meaningful moments in our lives.

It’s wedding day On Sunny Slope Farm.

This idyllic location, nestled in the Shenandoah Valley, oozes beauty, southern comfort and charm. Reclaimed farm antiques, refurbished barn wood and scenic views create the perfect home away from home for a wedding destination. Any family is sure to feel welcome and at ease on the farm. Yet something that sets On Sunny Slope Farm apart is its unique ability to transform its homespun environment to cater any guest. Under a beautiful white tent and dazzling lights, the farm transforms into an enchanting evening of elegance, grace and class.

Established in 1828, the farm is steeped in tradition and making memories. A renovated barn, complete with bride and groom dressing suites and tastefully replete bathrooms, tent and accouterments, pristine and unique views of the Blue Ridge and Appalachians mountains and an eager staff all combine to make the experience  On Sunny Slope Farm one that you’ll never forget. A singular bell stands at the top of the hill, one that has been rung for every major event on the farm for almost two centuries. From births, to marriages, to various celebrations, this bell is a symbol that beckons the whole valley to listen and know that a beautiful and lasting memory is being made on your wedding day.

Guests are arriving, excited tittering ensues, music is playing, the ceremony has begun and everyone witnesses the union of a beautiful couple against the backdrop of rolling green hills. The evening is lively yet relaxing under the tent while speeches are made, food is eaten and dances are completed. Friends relax and challenge each other to a corn hole match while enjoying a beverage. An ever present, yet noiseless staff is always in the backdrop making the experience as comfortable and effortless as possible. A sunset melts into the distant Appalachians Mountains and golden rays disintegrate into a twilight sky of blue. Night wraps its chill around the venue and people gather comfortably around pit fires for more intimate conversations and warm lighting. After an evening of romance, friends, family, beauty, comfort and mirth, the couple is whisked away and the night comes to a close, laughter still ringing through the valley.

This was an evening for which the bell was made over a century ago. This was an enchanting day of celebration and the unification of two lives. This was the experience On Sunny Slope Farm.

Announcing | My Shenandoah Valley Wedding

Announcing |

Your own Exclusive Searchable Wedding Vendor Directory

My Shenandoah Valley Wedding is a new exclusive online wedding directory network devoted to Shenandoah Valley Weddings On Sunny Slope Farm. Developed by Harry Jarrett of On Sunny Slope Farm.

It  is a filterable vendors list for those booking On Sunny Slope Farm. Now you will be able to search for the vendors you need and contact them from site! You can also go to the site at any time and find new vendors as they are added. Currently we are hosting over 180 local Shenandoah Valley Wedding Vendors. All of them have worked On Sunny Slope Farm already so you can be sure they will do a great job for you too.

My Shenandoah Valley Wedding is similar to WeddingWire, MyWedding, TheKnot and other wedding sites. Expect this one is locally owned, operated and focused. All the vendors on the site have worked On Sunny Slope Farm so they know how to serve you well here.

My goal is to create a vibrant and dynamic wedding network that works for those of us in the Valley that are working so hard to create special occasions for our brides, grooms and their family and friends.

New Features will be added to help those celebrating their special days On Sunny Slope Farm have an easy, stress free, enjoyable and affordable wedding.

Check it out here. Remember though that only those having already booked On Sunny Slope Farm will be able to see past the home page. But you will get an idea of what lies in store for you after booking On Sunny Slope Farm. Where we make your Shenandoah Valley Wedding stress free, fun and easy. Let us celebrate with you!