Get 4 hours of Decoration time for FREE! When you book your 2017 Wedding.

4 Hours of Decoration Time FREE with every new Friday Wedding Booking in 2017!

Are you concerned about not having enough decoration time on your wedding day? Do you feel like you need a few more hours to get things ready? Maybe you want to get all the DIY stuff done so you can relax on your wedding day and enjoy all the pampering? What about setting up the plate-ware on the tables, getting the beer, wine and mixers cold and getting that ceremony rehearsal out of the way? Would you like it if, on the day of the wedding, you could relax, enjoy your family and friends and maybe even get a couples massage as you prepare for the biggest day of your life?

Well, if you said yes to any one of these decoration questions then booking your Wedding on a Friday in 2017 On Sunny Slope is the best choice you could ever make! That’s right, I said you need to book a Friday Wedding at our local wedding venue in the Shenandoah Valley located in Rockingham County right on the city limits of Harrisonburg Virginia. Why you may ask?

Several Reasons:

  • We set up the venue for you on Thursday morning including the ceremony site. And put all the linens on the tables so that you can get everything ready the day before your Friday Wedding.
  • You get 4 hours of decoration time on Thursday FREE to come to the wedding venue and get everything preset.
  • We  open up the buildings for those 4 hours so that you can leave your stuff over night and use the restrooms if you need to during your rehearsal.
  • You get an additional hour (that makes 5) to have your ceremony rehearsal at the location of your wedding the next day.
  • After you ceremony rehearsal is over you can either head off to your rehearsal dinner at another location and we ill close everything up for you safe and sound OR you can add-on time to have your rehearsal dinner at our wedding venue for a small fee (based on number of people, amount of time and services needed)

See what one family was able to do with 4 hours of Decoration time on Thursday…

Indoor Ceremony and Reception Setup

What do you do if it rains?

That is always a question when people tour the venue and are trying to decide if a rustic chic farm wedding under a tent is the right choice for them.

My answer is always the same.

We do the same thing you do anywhere else you might have your event. We bring you indoors!

That’s right. We close up the tent with sides that have cathedral windows in them so you and your guests can still see all the Shenandoah Valley Beauty, we shut the barn styled doors and setup your wedding ceremony or meeting anywhere inside the tent you choose.

How long does that take?

We can close up the tent in about 10 minutes and never miss a beat. Keeping your event going, your guests happy and the hosts stress free. If things clear up we can open things back up for you in even less time.

What does it look like?

Well, here is one example. This bride decided to have a November wedding. She wanted the ceremony and reception inside so that she could heat the tent and keep everyone warm. So she was able to “have her cake and eat it too” so to speak. She had her fall outdoor farm wedding in a comfortable and warm place. It was the best of both worlds and her dream wedding.

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Black White and Gold make this rustic chic wedding theme classic

This bride used very inexpensive materials and transformed the event tent into a very classy black, white and gold rustic chic wedding. Many of the items you see, like the Japanese paper globes, were left so that other brides can use them. Just ask when you book.