Once upon a time we were a poultry farm.

And not just any ordinary poultry farm. My great grandfather Charles Wampler, Sr. innovated the process of incubating, hatching and growing turkeys in confinement. He was known as “the father of the modern day turkey industry.”

For years we produced fertilized turkeys eggs and then hatched them out in our hatchery for local farmers. We would gather the fertilized eggs from our poultry houses and use the egg house to clean, sort and refrigerate the eggs until they were sent to the hatchery. That is why they the egg house is called the egg house.

We don’t raise turkeys anymore or produce fertilized turkeys eggs. So we have converted the egg house into a cottage.

The Egg House offers our guests a kitchen, full bathroom with shower and bath, a bedroom, living room, cable TV and wireless internet.

Available: May through October