Custom Transportation | Luxury and Convenience

Thanks to Custom Transportation my wife and I, along with two friends, had our first luxury limousine experience. It is something that everyone should get to do at least once in a lifetime.

A few days ago I heard about an event at Bella Luna. Mikey from the Mashita Food Truck and another chef at Bella Luna were offering a collaborative dinner. My wife and I, along with two friends of mine who own Greenberry’s Coffee & Tea, thought it would be a nice evening out.

I thought it would be a lot of fun if we went together in a limousine. Custom Transportation has been providing limousine and shuttle service for my special events venue to the brides, grooms and bridal parties for a while now. So they were the first ones that came to mind. Their limos are beautiful, their drivers are courteous and their service is convenient.

I called Megan and she lined up a 7 to 8 passenger luxury black limousine and driver to arrive at our house at the perfect time. Kim arrived decked out in her black driver suit and helped us in to the black leather expanse of the limo. There was a lit bar with glasses & napkins, an incredible sound system, a phone to talk to the driver, all kinds of buttons to raise windows and open sunroofs that I just had to play with and twinkly lights in the roof that looked like stars. It was awesome!

She dropped us off at the door of the restaurant and we walked right in without worrying about parking. It was fun to see the heads turn and feel special! She gave me her cell number and said she would wait nearby for our call to be picked up.

After dinner we called her and she was at the door again to pick us up. We had a very relaxing and fun ride home without a care.

I highly recommend you consider renting a limo from Custom Transportation for your special events or even one of the more common nights to make it special.

Thanks to Megan, Kim and Custom Transportation for making our Event Special.