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Announcing: New Wedding Planning and Wedding Venue Pricing Packages for On Sunny Slope Farm

Wedding planning at a wedding venue that is experienced is essential if you want your wedding to be perfect. As Harrisonburg Virginia’s most experienced Full Service Wedding Venue we are ready to help make your wedding planning easy, stress free and most importantly budget friendly!

Mary + Patrick | by Feather & Oak

We met online, fell in love over our love of sci fi and all things nerdy, and decided to get married when life without one another didnt seem feasible

Our Recycling Staff – Fred & Red!

We would like to introduce you to our recycling staff – Fred & Red.

Ok, so yes they are just pigs but they are the newest addition to our team here On Sunny Slope Farm. Think about all the food that is eaten here with all the weddings, fundraisers, company parties, festivals, etc. And think about how much food is thrown away. We have been trying to compost it but that just hasn’t worked very well. If you know anything about composting you know that composting is a tricky thing.

So instead, we are going to try something different. Something that people have done for centuries. We are going to feed all the table scraps to the pigs. And they are going to love us for it. And we in turn are going to love them it. They have a very nice pen under a shade tree near our house by the garden. And we are happy to introduce you to them if you would like. Just let us know when you are at the venue for an event and we can take you meet them. You might even be able to give them a treat while you are there.

These are a Heritage Breed. They are a cross between Old Spot and Mule Foot. They are an endanger Pig Species and are not used commercially. And they have a solid hoof which is very unusual. Which is also kid of cool.

We did our research and called the Virginia veterinary service and were told that as long as food has been properly prepared for human consumption we can feed it to Fred & Red. We are going to do our best to feed everything we can to them. With your help we will be able to do that. So please, ask your guests and your caterers to fill up the designated buckets so we all can do our part to keep our environment, and our pigs, healthy!

Concierge Service

Concierge Vendor Selection Service

We can save you dozens of hours with one email!

You may pick On Sunny Slope Farm because you feel it would be a beautiful place for your Special Day. But being an established wedding venue means that we have a HUGE infrastructure to make the planning of your wedding stress-free, uncomplicated  and time effective. Very few venues can offer this kind of service!

Part of our wedding package includes our Concierge Vendor Selection Service.

What is it? Well, it is pretty simple. And we will be happy to tell you how it works after your booking. It is a bit of a trade secret of ours.

What is GREAT about our process is that you only spend time contacting vendors that:

  1. You know are available on your wedding day!
  2. And are in your budget!

Of course, you can choose other vendors if you like but at least you won’t have to waste time if some of our vetted vendors suit you just as well.

Juried Artisan Craft Vendors for 2017 Wine Festival On Sunny Slope Farm

We are happy to announce the Juried Artisan Craft Vendors for our 2017 Wine Festival On Sunny Slope Farm.

Designs by Melanie
I create sterling silver and 14k gold-filled jewelry using a variety of natural gemstones and freshwater pearls. My wire jewelry is strong and durable. I solder, hammer, sculpt and oxidize the metals to create unique looks.

Contact Info:
Melanie Schaefer
7750 Glen Hollow Rd. Singers Glen VA 22850 US

Solace Studios Fine Handcrafts
Artisan owned fine American and Virginia made handcrafts.

Contact Info:
Barbara Polin
193 W. Spotswood Ave Elkton VA 22827 US

Woodturnings by Phil
Lathe turned items such as natural edge bowls, turned tree roots etc.

Contact Info:
Phil Evans



The Copper Patina
I am a coppersmith, with my studio/storefront in Elkton Va. I design and make all my work on site, using copper, silver and brass. Some of my whimsical functional works of art include; Wine vines, wall art, water art, vlicks, candle holders, napkin rin

Contact Info:
Bob Swartz
196 W Spotswood Ave. Elkton Va 22827 US

Gorgeous Chain
I am a chain maille artisan. I make Jewelry as well as home decor, full armor pieces, and inlays. I display my work at OASIS gallery in Harrisonburg, VA.

Contact Info:
Keith Barch

Cottage Crafts
Knitted scarves,woven hats,scherenschnitte(German paper-cutting), crochet.

Contact Info:
Judith Galang

Tamara’s Design LLC
I grow succulents, mosses, ferns, orchids etc. that I use to create unique designs in foraged driftwood, branches or antiques I have modified to serve as a container. I grow most all of the plants and flowers I use. Botanicals arrangements are designed p

Contact Info:
Tamara Ellen Gibson
PO Box 95 8709 Water St. Port Republic VA 24471 US
http://www.facebook/tamara.gibson.988 Facebook

The River’s Edge Exotics
I specialize in bowls and hollow forms turned on a wood lathe with hand held chisels and gouges. Also have turned ink pens, oil lamps, wine bottle stoppers, plates, boxes etc. in my inventory. I only use figured woods and burls for my work. Life is too

Contact Info:
William Bowman
212 3rd Street Harrisonburg VA 22802 US

Bowls by Bowles
wheel thrown pottery, embroidered tea towels, bookmarks, tissue holders, napkins, runners, with various wine-themed designs as well as other motifs.

Contact Info:
Susan Bowles


Hot Flash Pottery/d’vine baskets by brenda
Handbuild/wheel thrown stoneware pottery and handwoven in the Appalachian rib basket style.

Contact Info:
Brenda Fairweather

BrydgeWorks Glass Studio, Warehouse & Gifts
Using kiln firing and traditional stained glass methods, we craft a variety of unique and original glass art pieces from decorative to functional.

Contact Info:
Rebecca Brydge
3315 Harpine Hwy. Harrisonburg Virginia 22802 US


New a la carte event pricing offers more flexibility and potential savings for your wedding, elopement or party

Questions about On Sunny Slope Farm Answered

Today I got an inquiry from a friend of a bride who was looking for a venue for her. She had A BUNCH of questions! But they were really good ones!  So I thought I would post them here for others. Hope they are helpful.

  1. What is the number of guests you allow? 250 IS INCLUDED IN PRICE. MORE AT AN UP CHARGE.
  2. Can the venue host the ceremony, reception, and rehearsal dinner to all be included in the Saturday wedding price? YES
  3. How long would we have access to the event spaces we’ve reserved? I.E. bridal suite to get ready? 10 AM – 10PM STANDARD MORE HOURS AT UP CHARGE.
  4. What is the cost of the day-of-wedding coordinator? I checked the website and it does not have this information. What are this person’s duties? $425. MOST ANYTHING NEEDED. NORMALLY TIME LINE AND COORDINATION THE DAY OF.
  5. Does the venue provide cutlery, cake-cutting knives? NO
  6. Is there a cake cutting fee? NO
  7. For inclement weather, is there an indoor venue area for the wedding ceremony or are tents the only option? TENT HAS DOORS AND WALLS AND CAN BE COMPLETELY CLOSED. SITS ON PATIO SO IS LIKE A BUILDING.
  8. At what time on the day of the wedding can vendors set up? AFTER 10 AM
  9. Can we source out for our caterer, floral, DJ, etc? YES If we outsource, is a kitchen or anything available to them? RESIDENTIAL KITCHEN IS AVAILABLE BUT IS NOT INSPECTED. SO MOST ARE REQUIRED TO COOK IN THEIR OWN KITCHENS BY LAW AS I UNDERSTAND IT.
  10. How much is the deposit? 1/2
  12. What’s the payment plan? 1/2 AT BOOKING 1/2 AT ONE MONTH MEETING. FINANCING AVAILABLE. IF MORE THAN 12 MONTHS OUT 1/3, 1/3,1/3
  13. Are there any decoration limitations? MUST BE SAFE AND NO TAPE. Are candles permitted? YES IN CONTAINERS THAT REACH HIGHER THAN FLAME.
  14. May we bring our own decorations if we chose to or do we have to use the packages available on the website? YOU MAY BRING YOUR OWN.
  15. Can we move things around and decorate to suite our needs? YES
  16. Do you own sound equipment? YES. TWO.
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Local family business uses celebration to lend a helping hand for the community

Local family business uses celebration to lend a helping hand for the community

March 17, 2017              By Daniel Brammer

The inspiration for On Sunny Slope Farm came roughly five years ago, when the owner’s daughter wanted to have her dream wedding on their farm in Rockingham County. The land has been in the family since 1828, and it now operates as a scenic location for various events. “I enjoy what I do, and planning events is where I get my energy,” says Harry Jarrett, owner of On Sunny Slope Farm, “I can always see through the planning stages knowing how wonderful the celebrations will be.”

Considering its award-winning status as a licensed wedding and special events venue, Jarrett has taken great strides to ensure this family farm could provide more than just holy matrimony to the surrounding community. They have had enormous impact on many non-profit organizations in the area by hosting fundraisers, festivals, and other special events. “I’m a pastor, so funding non-profit organizations, benefitting the community, and doing good for simply good sake is one of my core values,” says Jarrett, who is also currently an interim pastor at Elk Run Church of the Brethren.

Realizing the amount of potential and amenities his farm had to offer, Jarrett was more than reluctant to begin reaching out to help. “I’ve always been involved in altruistic, non-profit things, so it was a natural part of what I wanted to do here,” he explains. His venue hosts 12 events annually for local non-profit organizations, including JMU SafeRides, New Creation, Bridgewater Historical Society, and more. All proceeds go towards the respective organization with no profit returning to On Sunny Slope Farm.

One of the biggest festivals they host is the annual Food Truck Festival coming this April. Every penny raised during the event helps to fund Open Doors, a homeless shelter operating in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County. This fundraiser alone raises half of Open Doors’ annual budget at over $30,000 each year. Without the supporting efforts from volunteers, along with generous donations, Open Doors would cease to even exist. It is organizations in need that inspire Jarrett to roll up his sleeves and help make a difference.

“This event has allowed us to think less about getting the bills paid, and more about how we can grow and better serve our guests and their needs,” says Rachel Howdyshell. As Executive Director, Howdyshell witnesses first-hand how much impact the Food Truck Festival has on the organization and its efforts. Funding from the community is what makes Open Doors possible, so the people at On Sunny Slope Farm take every step necessary to provide the best experience they can offer. Jarret says, “I find great joy in helping others, especially in their time of need. My farm would almost be going to waste if I didn’t use it to support organizations like Open Doors.”

Open Doors began its efforts roughly ten years ago, in hopes of providing shelter and support for homeless individuals in Harrisonburg and Rockingham. Because of their non-profit status, they rely on the generous help offered by countless volunteers within the area. “I fell in love with the organization and became passionate about the work because I believe everyone deserves food and shelter,” says Howdyshell, who started as a volunteer in 2009.

Not only do they rely on volunteering individuals, but Open Doors reaches out to local churches and faith communities to be the hosting shelter for scheduled weeks. The two organizations team up to provide the necessary amenities, such as meals, bedding, toiletries, and volunteers, to serve the homeless individuals. Open Doors receives support from over 30 faith communities that offer shelters throughout Rockingham County.

Just last year, the shelter helped house 171 unique individuals, with an average of 29 guests every evening. To help manage and support these people, Open Doors had the help of over 1,300 shelter volunteers and over 55 different volunteer groups.

To help organize, Howdyshell relies on each shelter’s staff to have everything in place and ready for the arrival of those planning to use the shelter. Phil Kniss, pastor at Park View Methodist Church, tells us, “We often volunteer to host at least one or two weeks each year, and provide all the meals and volunteers necessary.” He also detailed that they provide overnight presence from staff, personally prepare the meals, and even transport linens for laundry. Along with providing shelter, Kniss says they include support of Open Doors in their annual budget as well.

When asked about Food Truck Festival, Howdyshell explained, “The event’s success draws from its ability to bring the community together to celebrate food, music and warm weather. Not only that, but also knowing the money is supporting such a great cause.” At last year’s festival, they had over 2,000 people attend, with 14 food trucks, three local bands, and 24 vendors. With all the moving pieces involved, both Howdyshell and Jarrett say their organizations begin planning for this event roughly nine months in advance each year.

Along with the thanks given to the volunteers and donors that support Open Doors, Howdyshell was also more than grateful for the support from On Sunny Slope Farm. “On Sunny Slope Farm was generous enough to donate their venue to us. Harry and his employees are great to work with and work hard to pull off a successful event year after year,” says Howdyshell. She sincerely appreciates their ability to treat Open Doors like family and help with the fight against homelessness.

Especially after seeing success in recent years, Jarrett is more than ready to see what the Food Truck Festival will bring this year. As he and his family prepare for this event, they are making every necessary adjustment to top previous years. Although there are still weddings to plan for the spring, Jarrett assures they will never fall short of providing Open Doors the festival they deserve.

At the end of the day, those at On Sunny Slope Farm want nothing less than to bring people together to celebrate and enjoy life. “This is more of a family-friendly, local farm that is big in its surroundings, but intimate in the sense of how we go about doing business,” says Jarrett. Whether its running their own business, or offering services to others, everyone is welcome in the Jarrett family when coming to the farm.