June Rustic Chic Wedding Decoration Ideas

June Rustic Chic Wedding Decor Ideas

Planning a rustic chic wedding under a tent in the summertime? Here are some creative and unique décor ideas to help you create an atmosphere of hazy summer elegance.

Colour Scheme

Choose a colour scheme that reflects the natural and whimsical atmosphere of the rustic theme. Opt for earthy tones such as sage green, dusty rose, and ivory, or go for something brighter like coral and navy blue. Consider adding some metallic accents like gold or silver to give your decor an extra touch of glamour.

Furniture & Accessories

Furniture is an important part of any wedding decor, so choose pieces that will fit with your rustic chic theme. Look for wooden chairs with floral cushions, vintage-style tables and benches, or even hay bales covered in blankets for extra seating. Add some accessories like lanterns, mason jars filled with wildflowers, and burlap table runners to complete the look.

Floral Arrangements

Flowers are essential for creating a romantic atmosphere at any wedding. For a rustic chic look, choose wildflowers like daisies and sunflowers in muted colours. You can also add greenery like eucalyptus leaves to create texture and depth in your arrangements. Place them on tables or hang them from beams to add a touch of nature indoors.

Table Centerpieces

Table centerpieces are one of the most important elements of wedding decor, so make sure you get it right! Choose items that reflect your rustic chic theme such as terracotta pots filled with succulents or small potted plants, wooden boxes filled with fresh fruit or herbs, or even mini barrels filled with candles. These will all add charm to your reception tables while tying into the overall theme perfectly.


Lighting can make or break any event space so be sure to choose fixtures that will enhance the ambience of your rustic chic wedding. String lights hung from beams will create a warm glow while paper lanterns can be used to light up pathways or dance floors outdoors. Candles are also great for adding soft lighting indoors – use hurricane vases filled with sand and tea lights for an elegant touch!

Props & Favours

Props are always fun at weddings – think hay bales covered in blankets for lounging areas outdoors or old wooden crates used as card holders at the entranceway. As for favours, why not give out small potted plants as gifts? This is both practical and meaningful – guests can take home their own little piece of nature from your special day!

DIY & Budget Options

If you’re looking for ways to save money on your rustic chic wedding décor without sacrificing style, there are plenty of DIY options available! Make use of materials found around the house such as mason jars and old furniture pieces which can be repurposed into beautiful decorations with just a few simple touches here and there. You could also look into renting items instead of buying them – this is often much more affordable than purchasing new items outright!