The Ultimate List of Wedding Ceremony Rituals

From the reading of vows and ring exchange, to hand fasting, sand pouring and tree planting, rituals are a huge part of what makes a wedding ceremony special. Looking for a list of wedding ceremony rituals to get ideas flowing for your ceremony? This list features both classic and alternative rituals.

  1. The Vow Exchange Ritual
  2. The Ring Exchange Ritual
  3. The Candle-Lighting Ritual
  4. The Sand-Pouring Ritual
  5. The Hand- Fasting Ritual or “Tying the Knot”
  6. The Salt-Pouring Ritual
  7. The Ring-Warming Ritual
  8. The Rope-Warming Ritual
  9. The Wine Box Ritual
  10. The Love Letter Ritual
  11. The Oathing Stone Ritual
  12. The Bread Ritual
  13. The Tree-Planting Ritual
  14. The Rose Exchange Ritual
  15. The Guard of Honour
  16. The Loving Cup Ritual
  17. The Sundial Ritual
  18. The Time Capsule Ritual
  19. The Shot Ritual
  20. The Puzzle Ritual
  21. The Log-Cutting Ritual

Source: The Ultimate List of Wedding Ceremony Rituals for Secular Ceremonies