We would like to introduce you to our recycling staff – Fred & Red.

Ok, so yes they are just pigs but they are the newest addition to our team here On Sunny Slope Farm. Think about all the food that is eaten here with all the weddings, fundraisers, company parties, festivals, etc. And think about how much food is thrown away. We have been trying to compost it but that just hasn’t worked very well. If you know anything about composting you know that composting is a tricky thing.

So instead, we are going to try something different. Something that people have done for centuries. We are going to feed all the table scraps to the pigs. And they are going to love us for it. And we in turn are going to love them it. They have a very nice pen under a shade tree near our house by the garden. And we are happy to introduce you to them if you would like. Just let us know when you are at the venue for an event and we can take you meet them. You might even be able to give them a treat while you are there.

These are a Heritage Breed. They are a cross between Old Spot and Mule Foot. They are an endanger Pig Species and are not used commercially. And they have a solid hoof which is very unusual. Which is also kid of cool.

We did our research and called the Virginia veterinary service and were told that as long as food has been properly prepared for human consumption we can feed it to Fred & Red. We are going to do our best to feed everything we can to them. With your help we will be able to do that. So please, ask your guests and your caterers to fill up the designated buckets so we all can do our part to keep our environment, and our pigs, healthy!

12 Baskets and a Goat is a project of Ted & Co, Heifer International, and Church of the Brethren to raise awareness of poverty and empower communities to restore dignity to those in need, by raising funds for Heifer’s work around the world.


The Jesus Stories, written and performed by Ted Swartz and Jeff Raught, featuring original, beautiful (and hilarious) songs/music by Jeff, asks two questions….what are we having to eat and who are we eating it with? It’s a question, but also an invitation. Stories in the Gospels place Jesus eating with people, all kinds of people, at all kinds of places. This is a play about Jesus and food; about what we need every day to sustain us, nourish us, and connect us with God and with others. Food as a place of hospitality and relationship. The play blends humor, theological insight and serious reflection.


The program will feature the play, interrupted at two intervals to auction off home-made bread, symbols of life and sustenance, in a spirit of giving, humor, and community-building. The 12 baskets which will hold these breads allude to the Gospel account of the 12 baskets made full by fragments given and received in faith and love. This Jesus story invites all of us to participate in the reality of enough for all and multiplied blessing made real. We will also auction off goats, flocks of ducks, and other fun animals featured in the Heifer store. All funds raised during the auction and donation will go to Heifer International for their continued good work relieving poverty around the world.


The very first pilot show will take place in Harrisonburg, VA, scheduled for November 14, 2015 at the old Sale Barn, on Sunny Slope Farm, just days before Charles Wampler, Jr.’s 100th birthday. The Farm is a certified Virginia Century Farm, owned and operated by the same family on the same land, providing food to the community for 186 years.

The Sale Barn, and the Wampler family farm have a long history in the Brethren Church, going back to the 1800’s. The restoration of the barn, leading up to the show, echoes the call to our own need for restoration back to the lands from which we are fed and grown, both spiritually and physically. This is a call to the restoration of roots and relationships. Our own rootedness in the specific places that we love. The rootedness of Heifer International with its foundations in Church of the Brethren, and how that intersects right here in Harrisonburg with the continuing story of land, food, and compassionate care for others.

For booking or more information contact Valerie Serrels, Project Coordinator/ Ted & Co office@tedandcompany.com / 540-560-3973

No Tricks – Just Treats

The evenings are growing longer and it’s time to savor the feelings of fall.  On Saturday October 31st, 2015, On Sunny Slope Farm is providing the perfect event to welcome this delightful autumn season.

From 5pm to 10pm On Sunny Slope Farm will be open to our community for an exciting evening of scrumptious food, great music and thrilling games for all. Food vendors include a hearty meal from Mamma’s Caboose and tantalizing deserts from Smiley’s Ice Cream food truck. More food trucks will be added based on tickets sales.

The evening entertainment will be provided by three of JMU’s stellar A Capella groups, Madison Project, Into Hymn and Rescored – something you won’t want to miss! Vendors include Dove Chocolate and several others who will be set up for everyone’s enjoyment. Children and adults alike can also look forward to painting pumpkins donated by Food Lion, Walmart and local farmers, sack races, corn hole, face painting and other lawn games.

With admission costing only $5, On Sunny Slope Farm doesn’t just hope to give you a laid back and fun evening on the farm, but also seeks to fund and support two local youth groups for upcoming mission’s trips; Muhlenberg Lutheran Church and Harrisonburg First Church of the Brethren.

No Tricks – Just Treats is a way to support the local community while also enjoying an evening with friends and family. This is the ideal event to kick off a new season of fall. So grab your friends, a warm blanket to cozy up in, and join us for a memorable evening of laughter and harvest cheer!

This is a non-alcohol family friendly event. Advance Tickets Only. No tickets available at door.

Poster No tricks just treats

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy-Thanksgiving-from-On-Sunny-Slope-FarmI am so thankful for many things this year!

I am back on the farm after many years in my family home place since 1828.  2 children are married and the 3rd has a special other. My 1st grandson turned one year old.  I have a lovely wife.  And I love what I do.  I get to help people celebrate their family and friends in a beautiful place On Sunny Slope Farm.

I am especially thankful for the many couples that got married this year on our farm and those that we helped get married in other places.  I am thankful that I was able to meet their family and friends and celebrate together.

I trust that you have similar things to be grateful for.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Always celebrating with you,


I need your help coming up with some awesome events for On Sunny Slope Farm next year.

OSSF-Speical-Events-Venue-sq-thumbnailMy farm events venue is not just a summer thing anymore. I now have permission to be open all year long! This is very exciting but it also means that I need to think about a variety of events for both summer, fall, winter and spring.

Now anyone who knows me knows that I am creative and have a lot of ideas. But the venue is 67 acres with all kinds of different locations and buildings. So I am realizing that my imagination is not big enough for all that is possible On Sunny Slope Farm.

That is why I am asking for your help. I am asking you to lend me your imagination just for a little while. What kind of events should I try to plan? What kind of things are you imagining that you need a space for? Please let me know!

Here is how:

  1. comment below on this post
  2. send me an email
  3. write something on our Facebook page
  4. Tweet to @onsunnyslope
  5. call me
  6. or just stop by the farm and chat

So what events ideas do you have that would need a big tent and lights or a farm building or 67 acres of beautiful, open farmland?