On Sunny Slope Farm Summer Wedding – Harrisonburg, VA – J+J

J+J's fun, casual, creative, On Sunny Slope Farm summer wedding in Harrisonburg, Virginia complete with a bounce house! Thanks to Tall + Small Photography for these great pics!

Lauren+ Kyle| by Tall and Small Photography

Married 11/10/2018 On Sunny Slope Farm

Jordan + Kevin | by Linda Hexter Photography

We have been friends forever and it was just meant to be!

Mary + Patrick | by Feather & Oak

We met online, fell in love over our love of sci fi and all things nerdy, and decided to get married when life without one another didnt seem feasible

The Experience

The calm is transfixing. Crickets echo across slopes of green. The gentle rays of the sun warm the air. A cool, soft breeze billows white fabric and rustles white rose petals. White chairs, white linens, white plates, white flowers… and a white dress, all beckon one of the most meaningful moments in our lives. It’s wedding day On Sunny Slope Farm.

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