Pros and Cons of a Brunch Wedding Reception

Wedding receptions come in all forms, and something that’s gaining a lot of traction as of late in the wedding world is brunch receptions. These are a fun new twist on a traditional reception, and you may be wondering if one of these is the right type of event to celebrate your marriage. Read below to learn all the pros and cons of brunch weddings! There are so many factors to consider about this unique type of reception!

The Pros of Brunch Wedding Receptions

  • The Food Costs Less than Dinner Receptions
  • There’s Better Venue Availability
  • It’s a Whole Day Affair!
  • It’s a Unique Wedding Experience

The Cons of Brunch Wedding Receptions

  • You’ll Need to Wake up Extra Early
  • It’s a Different Experience than an Evening Reception
  • You May Be on a Strict Timeline

Source: Brunch Wedding Reception Pros and Cons