Tent Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Wedding Tent sits on 12,000 square foot concrete patio.

Our 40 x 120-foot wedding tent provides the perfect setting for your rustic farm tent wedding ceremony or reception. The wedding tent sits on 12,000 square feet of concrete patio and can be closed completely using the tent sidewalls and doors.

Wedding Tent is stable and secure.

On Sunny Slope Farm’s weather and wind rated wedding tent allows us to host your wedding reception or ceremony regardless of weather conditions. All the while enjoying the incredible Shenandoah Valley views that our hilltop farm venue offers.

Wedding Tent is cool, comfortable, and naturally air conditioned.

Ideally, the wedding tent remains open, providing the 4800 sq. Ft. of shade, you need to be comfortable. Even in August. And the almost constant breeze offers all the “air conditioning” you would want. Your wedding ceremony is hosted outside in one of our many ceremony site locations.

Wedding Tent has walls and doors.

If the weather is not quite ideal, we can close up the wedding tent and bring you and your guests “indoors.” You are still comfortable, and everything is still beautiful. No mud and no mess because of the concrete floor. You can even continue to enjoy the views through the sidewalls cathedral windows. 

Wedding Tent is heated.

Also, if the day is cold, the wedding tent can be heated because it is entirely enclose-able.

Harry and his team were great to work with from the our very first visit to the farm, to our wedding day itself. One of the reasons we chose On Sunny Slope Farm was just in case we had a weather situation, we would have a back-up plan. Unfortunately, we DID have a weather situation, and Harry and his team moved into action quickly to help us still have the prettiest wedding and reception inside the tent as possible. I would highly recommend On Sunny Slope to any couple or family looking to have a gorgeous venue, with a top notch team, and good value. We loved it and hope to have another family event on the Farm in the future!
We had our wedding at On Sunny Slope Farm and it was the greatest experience from start to finish! Harry was so great to work with and very helpful and accommodating with everything. Melodie at the farm was wonderful to work with as well and made the entire process very easy and painless. She was responsive and she and Harry both really worked with us to give us everything we needed to make our day great! It ended up raining on our wedding and we had to move everything into the tent, but even being a last minute change Melodie and her staff made it easy and were willing to do literally anything we wanted, whether that meant waiting it out or moving everything inside the tent. It was clear she really wanted it to be perfect for us and was willing to do whatever it took to make that happen. We had an amazing wedding and we and our guests all can’t stop talking about what a great day it was, even with the weather doing what it did! Thank you Harry, Melodie and your entire staff for giving us an amazing wedding experience. We would highly recommend this venue to ANYONE!

Working with Harry and staff was WONDERFUL! They were always helpful, timely, and knowledgeable. We planned to have our wedding outside but it poured down rain 3 minutes before the ceremony. The staff moved everything inside the tent instantly, kept the guests entertained, and everything went off without a hitch! It was perfect!
The tent was spacious and accommodated our 184 guests with plenty of room!
The planning process was very organized and helpful as Harry had everything broken down into what needed to happen at 6 months, 3 months, and 1 month.
The venue is beautiful, the staff is experienced and helpful, and you will have a wonderful wedding if you choose to have it On Sunny Slope Farm!