Concierge Vendor Selection Service

Need help finding a team of wedding professionals for your wedding?

We can save you dozens of hours!

You may pick On Sunny Slope Farm because you feel it would be a beautiful place for your Special Day. But being an established wedding venue means that we have a HUGE infrastructure that includes a vendor selection service to make the planning of your wedding stress-free, uncomplicated and time-effective. Very few venues can offer this kind of service!

Part of our wedding package includes our Concierge Vendor Selection Service.

What is the vendor selection service? Well, it is pretty simple.

We are in a networking relationship with nearly 400 local wedding professionals. We know what kind of wedding service they offer and also how to get your wedding needs directly to them quickly and easily. All you need to do is to let us know what kinds of wedding professionals you need and we do the rest. We help you connect to these local wedding vendors. If you need our help selecting them we can offer that service to you as well.

What is GREAT about our process is that you only spend time contacting vendors that:

  1. You know they are available on your wedding day!
  2. And they are in your budget!

Of course, you can choose other vendors if you like but at least you won’t have to waste time if some of our vetted vendors suit you just as well.

Come Plan #withme today and see how easy planning can be!