Concierge Vendor Selection Service

Need help finding a team of wedding professionals for your wedding?

We can save you dozens of hours!

You may pick On Sunny Slope Farm because you feel it would be a beautiful place for your Special Day. But being an established wedding venue means that we have a HUGE infrastructure that includes a vendor selection service to make the planning of your wedding stress-free, uncomplicated and time-effective. Very few venues can offer this kind of service!

Part of our wedding package includes our Concierge Vendor Selection Service.

What is the vendor selection service? Well, it is pretty simple.

We are in a networking relationship with nearly 400 local wedding professionals. We know what kind of wedding service they offer and also how to get your wedding needs directly to them quickly and easily. All you need to do is to let us know what kinds of wedding professionals you need and we do the rest. We help you connect to these local wedding vendors. If you need our help selecting them we can offer that service to you as well.

What is GREAT about our process is that you only spend time contacting vendors that:

  1. You know they are available on your wedding day!
  2. And they are in your budget!

Of course, you can choose other vendors if you like but at least you won’t have to waste time if some of our vetted vendors suit you just as well.

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Concierge Vendor Selection Service

Trick of the Trade | Clean Up – Set Up

We can have weddings every single night and then every single morning that we have another wedding it can look like this. We have a night crew that comes in takes care of things, and then in the morning, we have another team (I'm doing that this morning) checking on things and making sure that everything is ready for our next couple. So we can host weddings every single day of the week, and it looks just as beautiful and just as clean and just as wonderful as it does every other day. So if you're interested in having a wedding here On Sunny Slope Farm, I want to reassure you that when you get here it's going to be beautiful, it's going to be set up, and it's going to look awesome.
Harry Jarrett - Owner On Sunny Slope Farm

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Concierge Vendor Selection Service

Vendor Selection Service

Our Concierge Vendor Selection Service can make finding, selecting and hiring your wedding professionals easier than you ever imagined.
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Looking to host a cheap wedding in the Shenandoah Valley? But still, want it to be nice and classy? Consider On Sunny Slope Farm.
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Winner 2016 Best of Harrisonburg Award in Wedding Planning

On Sunny Slope Farm Receives 2016 Best of Harrisonburg Award Harrisonburg Award Program Honors the Achievement HARRISONBURG December 8, 2016 -- On Sunny Slope Farm has been selected for the 2016 Best of Harrisonburg Award in the Wedding Planning…

The Experience

The calm is transfixing. Crickets echo across slopes of green. The gentle rays of the sun warm the air. A cool, soft breeze billows white fabric and rustles white rose petals. White chairs, white linens, white plates, white flowers… and a white dress, all beckon one of the most meaningful moments in our lives. It’s wedding day On Sunny Slope Farm.

Custom Transportation | Luxury and Convenience

Kim arrived decked out in her black driver suit and helped us in to the black leather expanse of the limo. There was a lit bar with glasses & napkins, an incredible sound system, a phone to talk to the driver, all kinds of buttons to raise windows and open sunroofs that I just had to play with and twinkly lights in the roof that looked like stars. It was awesome!