Our Recycling Staff – Fred & Red!

We would like to introduce you to our recycling staff – Fred & Red.

Ok, so yes they are just pigs but they are the newest addition to our team here On Sunny Slope Farm. Think about all the food that is eaten here with all the weddings, fundraisers, company parties, festivals, etc. And think about how much food is thrown away. We have been trying to compost it but that just hasn’t worked very well. If you know anything about composting you know that composting is a tricky thing.

So instead, we are going to try something different. Something that people have done for centuries. We are going to feed all the table scraps to the pigs. And they are going to love us for it. And we in turn are going to love them it. They have a very nice pen under a shade tree near our house by the garden. And we are happy to introduce you to them if you would like. Just let us know when you are at the venue for an event and we can take you meet them. You might even be able to give them a treat while you are there.

These are a Heritage Breed. They are a cross between Old Spot and Mule Foot. They are an endanger Pig Species and are not used commercially. And they have a solid hoof which is very unusual. Which is also kid of cool.

We did our research and called the Virginia veterinary service and were told that as long as food has been properly prepared for human consumption we can feed it to Fred & Red. We are going to do our best to feed everything we can to them. With your help we will be able to do that. So please, ask your guests and your caterers to fill up the designated buckets so we all can do our part to keep our environment, and our pigs, healthy!