Glamping Tent

Glamping or “glamorous camping” adds the simplicity of camping and the world of glamour to your destination wedding.

Glamping is becoming a much sought after travel experience.  Persons travel around the world to remote islands, beautiful forests and high-end resorts to experience the luxury of glamping. Now our guests can enjoy glamping On Sunny Slope Farm as part of their destination wedding in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Just imagine yourself out on a lawn overlooking beautiful mountain ranges and valleys while you sit comfortably next to fire pits as wine and cheese trays are served to you. Imagine retiring for the evening into a large white canvas wall tent set snuggly on a pristine wood deck. Imagine sliding into a bed with 600 count cotton sheets and pulling a warm comforter over you as the evening chills. When awake to the beautiful sunrise over Massanutten Peak you can sip coffee on the porch of your glamping tent at the cafe table and chairs set for you or lounge inside on the couch. As you dress at the dressing table you can prepare for the day in tranquil Shenandoah Valley beauty and luxury and remember your wedding day.

All this is now possible in our new glamping tent. We are excited to offer this unique destination experience to the couples that are choosing On Sunny Slope Farm as their destination wedding venue.


A perfect addition to your multi-day rental or any Sunday Wedding!

If you are interested in spending a luxurious evening camping after your incredible destination wedding On Sunny Slope Farm then schedule a tour or if you have already booked the venue for your special day just ask about availability and pricing.

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