Ask The Experts: 5 Eco Ideas For A Zero Waste Wedding



Today we have Kate Beavis, owner of The Ethical Wedding Show giving us 5 Eco Ideas For A Zero Waste Wedding.

Consider Your Options

Top Tip: For favours most charities have a dedicated wedding section and some specialise in cards; there are even online shops specific for weddings and special celebrations where you can buy cufflinks, name places and jewellery and all the money goes to charity! You can even make your own message in memory of someone to add to your tables.

Hire Where You Can

Top Tip: Do your research online on selling sites, this is where people are likely to sell. If you have to buy things make sure that you donate these or sell them on afterwards to someone else.

Be Catering Smart

Top Tip: If you have leftover food ask the venue what they can do with this. Can they bag it up for guests to take home or do they have a local homeless shelter they can take it to? Don’t forget the venue staff who will be hungry too.

Gifts That Love

Top Tip: Use online gift lists that will let people know what you want and need and put in an option to donate to charity. The Knot also donates up to 3% of all qualified gifts purchased from your registry to a charity of your choice, for free!

Ethical Flowers

Top Tip: Give your flowers away to your guests when they leave or ask your venue about donating them to a local hospice to brighten up someone else’s day!

Source: Ask The Experts: 5 Eco Ideas For A Zero Waste Wedding – Boho Wedding Blog