Wedding Insurance for your wedding included in wedding packages.

Almost every wedding venue will require couples to get $1 million general liability insurance for their wedding.  That can cost you up to $150 extra over and above the venue cost.

On Sunny Slope Farm, we provide general liability wedding insurance to you in all our wedding packages.  At no additional cost to you.

What is event insurance?

There are two types of event insurance.

General Liability Insurance

The most common is general liability insurance. This insurance covers you as the host of your wedding against injury or damages while at the wedding venue. There is the option of the host liquor liability writer to protect you as well if you are serving alcohol to your guests and the venue does not have an ABC license. Both of these are very important to protect you against liability while celebrating your wedding.

Why is this important?

This kind of liability insurance is important because legally, when you host a wedding, you are considered the host. You will be inviting guests, serving them food and beverages, and asking them to do things. Sometimes silly things. Like, “Let’s all climb up on these big hay bales for a fun picture.” Well, it’s fine, until someone falls off and breaks their arm.  Who is liable for that? Well, legally you are because you asked them to get on those hay bales for a picture and they fell off. But if you have liability insurance, you don’t have to pay, and your guests doesn’t either because your liability insurance will pay. That is a simple, and silly, example, but you get the point.

Cancellation Insurance

The other type of event insurance protects your investment in the wedding if it is canceled for some reason. Perhaps the wedding gets called off because the couple decides they do not want to get married. Not very fun but at least you would not lose your money. If some sort of weather makes it impossible for you to host your wedding that she was covered. In the past acts of God and pandemic and epidemic clauses were also in these contracts. However, due to COVID-19 most companies have removed this coverage. So, if you do decide to get this kind of insurance make sure you check to see that epidemic and pandemic clauses are indeed in the contract If you are concerned about this. Learn More.

What On Sunny Slope Farm provides in regards to insurance.

On Sunny Slope Farm we are a licensed and insured wedding venue.  So, we have taken the steps needed to protect ourselves. Because you are important to us, we have also decided to protect you as well by providing you a $1 million general liability policy in your name to protect you against any injury or damages that your guests or vendors may claim against you.

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