Local family business uses celebration to lend a helping hand for the community

Local family business uses celebration to lend a helping hand…

Alsace to America – part 2

Alsace to America When they arrived in Pennsylvania, they already…

Hans Peter Wampfler – Alsace to America

Hans Peter Wampfler was born in 1701 in Sparsbach, Alsace . Like…

From Zwischenfluh to the Valley

The first Wampflers were from an area in Switzerland near what…

Wampler Ancestry Name Origin

Ancestry Name Origin Like many people, we are interested in…

Brethren roots | Variations on Granddaddy Wampler’s Family Story

It is documented that Hans Peter Wampler, Jr., our direct ancestor, came with his family to Pennsylvania in 1741. He had been christened in Alsace, Germany on August 4, 1722 at a Lutheran or Reformed church. Hans Peter Jr. was married at Hill Lutheran Church in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania in 1743 and he and his wife sponsored several infant baptisms there of friends and family. So when, exactly, did the Wamplers become involved in the Brethren Church?

Introduction | Historic Family Stories

Recently, my son, Harry Jarrett, who happens to be one of the Wampler descendants who IS interested in our family history and the history of the farm where he owns and operates an events venue called ON SUNNY SLOPE FARM, asked if I would share my own research into the origins of the Wampler family. What will follow in the coming year is material that I gathered and wrote down for my own family as well as stories handed down and invented by a host of family members.

Tent Wedding Ceremony and Reception

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New Poultry History Museum features Wampler Poultry history On Sunny Slope Farm

Wampler was a visionary and wondered why, if you could incubate chicken eggs successfully, that the same thing couldn’t be done with turkeys.